Working at Kantar Vermeer


At Kantar Vermeer, we are in the business of building and embedding category, marketing and brand strategies that are authentic, agile, adaptable, relevant, and that inspire commitment and openness. We look for those same qualities in our people. While we are all brand strategists now, we come from a diverse set of backgrounds: we are a team of ex-lawyers, accountants, consultants, brand managers, bankers, and advertising executives. But what ties us together is a love for brands.

Our values – curiosity, ownership, inspiration, care and playfulness – are the principles that guide our efforts. In addition, our approach is founded upon our whole-brained philosophy – a constant synergy between left and right brain capabilities. Every relationship and challenge we engage with is infused with these attributes – combined, they are synonymous with our own brand.

While no two days at Kantar Vermeer are the same, we know that there will always be collaboration, discussions, celebration and laughter. We rely on our expertise, our drive and our intuition to inspire each other each day.

What's it like to work at Kantar Vermeer?