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Insights 2020

Insights2020 is the largest global marketing and Insights leadership initiative focused on aligning Insights and Analytics strategy, structure and capability to drive business growth. For more information please see the findings presentations, videos, press coverage and white papers.


In today’s evolving digital world, what marketing does has changed beyond recognition, but how the function is organized has not changed much. Looking toward the year 2020, many global marketing leaders are asking themselves how to ready their marketing organization to drive growth in a rapidly changing environment.


Think about it; only ten years ago things were very different. The Global Brand CEO, written by Kantar Vermeer’s Board members Marc de Swaan Arons and Frank van den Driest, is the first book to specifically focus on what it takes to win in global marketing.


Ten years of research uncover the secret source of growth and profit …
Those who center their business on improving people’s lives have a growth rate triple that of competitors and outperform the market by a huge margin.