UK Network Events & Webinars:

Upcoming Events 2015

  • 25th February 2015: Third edition of Marketing2020 master class –you are invited to attend a deep-dive session on the findings from the Marketing2020 Study and to discuss the recommendations with peers. Learn from the key drivers identified by the Study that have allowed some brands to over-perform, whilst others have stood still at best.
  • 25th March 2015: Exclusive debrief of a Futures project on consumer engagement – We are delighted to announce that members of the CMO Benchmarking Network will be the first to hear the headlines of a major Study on the future of consumer engagement and the implications for the marketing organisation. This Study is a joint initiative organised by the Future Foundation (a leading consumer trends company), the IPA and Adweek. We have invited the report leader – Melanie Howard, to brief us on the key scenarios highlighted by the research. Teresa Octavio of Kantar Vermeer will then lead a workshop examining the impact of the scenarios (organisationally, intellectually, skill set and partner wise) and the priorities for Network members, who want to be ahead of the curve. The workshop will be preceded by the first advisory board meeting of the year, when members will have the opportunity to reflect on the priorities set for the Network in 2014 and to agree whether they are any new challenges/themes that they would like to see tackled as part of the programme of events in the second half of 2015.
  • 2nd June 2015: Taking the lead – Can marketers take centre stage in the digital economy? – The Marketing2020 Study told us that organisations that are the most marketing-savvy and that are truly consumer centric are the ones that are excelling in the digital era. But what does that mean for individual marketing leaders? How can we capitalise on this moment and take centre stage? In this second event of 2015, led by Network Partners – Spencer Stuart, we will explore together what the stand out marketers of the new era are focusing on and how that is creating a virtuous circle for them as they are acknowledged as growth drivers. Further information on the panellists and brand case studies from Kantar Vermeer’s Marketing2020 library will be published in February.

Full synopses for the March and June events can be downloaded here.

Other 2015 dates confirmed for the Network are 23rd September, 17th November and 14th December – details will be published post Easter. If you have any questions about the CMO Benchmarking Network events, please email

Recent Past Events

  • 8th December 2014: Marketing in a Digital Age – Advisory board members and friends of the Network were invited to attend a dinner and to hear to Debbie Weinstein -Director, Brand Solutions & Innovations at Google (Northern & Central Europe) briefly sharing her reflections on the future-facing ways that the brand is approaching and organising for Marketing in a Digital Age. She shared the key learning’s from a recently commissioned Study from Kantar Vermeer, focusing on the key attributes she believes differentiates them and other successful digital brands.
  • 19th September 2014: Delivering an engaging Total Experience – The topic of “Total Experience” was the outright winner in terms of priorities for the advisory board members of the CMO Benchmarking Network. In order to explore what best practice looks like in Total Customer Experience, we pulled together practitioners grappling with the challenge from Costa, SAB Miller and British Gas and heard case studies from Nike, lego, O2, British Airways, Burberry and Red Bull. See PDF download of the full agenda.
  • 21st July & 20th August 2014: Advisory board members and their guests were invited to attend a Master class on the findings from the Marketing2020 Study and to discuss the recommendations with like-minded marketers.
  • 24th June 2014: The Harvard Business Review published a special article on the Marketing2020 Study – See PDF download
  • 16th & 28th May: Advisory board meetings took place at Spencer Stuart – See PDF download of the priorities set by these leading marketers working across categories.