P&G’s Jim Stengel

Re-establishing the best marketing company with an energizing vision, clear roles, an efficient way of marketing and a best in class marketing university

Jim Stengel is one of the most recognized and successful CMOs of the last decade. In late 2008, Jim surprised the marketing world by leaving his prestigious role as Global Marketing Officer (GMO) at Procter & Gamble, one of the world’s most admired brand-building companies. This bold and unusual move was Jim’s first step on a new mission: Sharing his passion for growing brands through a focus on higher ideals.

Asked what he enjoyed most about the GMO role, Jim, a genuine global citizen, is quick to reply: ‘What stimulated me was the power of sharing totally inspirational work and ideas across cultures and across boundaries. I would get such energy out of a visit to China and discover something that I thought could work somewhere else. So, to me, it was all about getting out there and understanding what was working, what was elevating consumers. And then, to try and spread that.’

Always a pioneer of applying new technology, Jim was among the first senior executives to understand the value of connecting via new media – and to communicate with younger audiences through new channels. His Facebook page explains his personal philosophy in language anyone young and old can understand: ‘I believe marketing must rethink its purpose to achieve far better results. We must apply life’s lessons – generosity, love, humor, empathy and service – so that marketing inspires life and life inspires marketing.’

Since his departure from P&G, Jim has taken on a variety of ambitious new roles. As a consultant, he inspires brand and business leaders across the globe to achieve higher performance by rethinking their marketing. As an author, Jim serves as a catalyst to help companies attain higher performance by focusing on higher ideals. As an Adjunct Professor at the UCLA Anderson School of Management, today Jim is inspiring a new generation of marketing leaders to redefine the very meaning of marketing.


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