The concept of marketing has undergone tremendous change in the digital age, and the organization of marketing needs to keep pace. To deliver integrated consumer experiences and effectively leverage resources, a new operating model and leadership structure is required.

Our Organization practice develops and embeds full global marketing operating models – detailing the structure, process, people and tools needed to build agile, networked organizations. We provide clarity on the role of marketing, the company culture and its brand-building methodology, along with a detailed understanding of the design behind winning capabilities. We work side by side with our clients to ensure thorough adoption, embedding the operating model across all functions and levels of the organization from day one.

Kantar Vermeer has helped create and launch many of the world most effective global brand teams and help increase global brand team effectiveness for many other global brand organizations.

We believe in a culture of voluntary discipline, a rebalancing of generalist and specialist roles and a monthly decision-making flow to realize flexible resource initiatives; these principles at the heart of the future marketing organization.

Case Study: Virgin Media

Overseeing an extremely diverse portfolio of brands, the Virgin Media conglomerate is able to influence a vast spectrum of categories and markets. In order to enable the next stage of Virgin Media’s growth, Kantar Vermeer was engaged to identify strategic priorities, then align and organise the marketing team behind them.

Our methodology was initiated by a PulseCheckTM  study, a quantitative understanding of opportunities and issues across the business. In partnership with the Virgin Media marketing team, we defined marketing ambitions and strategic priorities. We agreed on a clear set of organization design principles to structure a networked Organization – process, tools, and people – empowered to implement the company’s customer-centric strategic priorities.

The result was a fully optimized and defined Virgin Media marketing organization. With comprehensive alignment based on a set of clear priorities, the marketing organization was able to implement and embed its business strategies with greater effectiveness.


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