Molson Coors’ Jennifer Davidson

Focusing on the global initiatives

When Molson Coors decided that their beer business and core brands needed to operate on a truly global basis, they turned to Jennifer Davidson to make it happen for their largest brand, Coors Light. A classically trained marketer with over 15-years’ experience at tier one consumer packaged goods and drinks companies, Jennifer is recognized by her peers as a brand builder with a global orientation and a track record of driving significant growth for the brands she has had under her responsibility. The Canada native started her career at Unilever Canada where she managed a broad range of home and personal care brands. Davidson has a natural drive to align brand strategies and make sure that they really focus. When there is disagreement on points of strategy or approach, Jennifer’s inclination is to challenge her colleagues to recognize all the things they do agree on, and then propose a way forward that adds value for each region. Jennifer is always mindful to recognize the different realities on the ground in differing markets: ‘Our brand is at a different stage of development in new and emerging markets. The danger we need to watch out for is that we export inappropriate materials from a mature market to a new developing one for the sake of achieving efficiencies. The local culture and consumer needs to be at the heart of all decisions and adjustments need to be made to ensure relevance.’ About 18 months after the creation of the global brand leadership team, Jennifer and her colleagues decided to further focus their efforts on the bigger truly global initiatives. By creating more space for more local interpretation of the global vision in new markets, they empowered brilliant execution at the local level. Now that the single brand vision was effectively established and accepted it was time to get out of the way. The guardrails were clear and now creativity could flourish in local markets. Jennifer Davidson’s principles go a long way in helping marketers understand the process of attaining focus for the global positioning of a brand.


“This wasn’t going to work if it was just a centre-driven initiative. Building Coors Light into a global brand had to start from the ground up – in the business units.” —Jennifer Davidson – Global Senior Marketing Director, Molson Coors

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