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The Ultimate Marketing Machine

In today’s evolving digital world, what marketing does has changed beyond recognition, but how the function is organized has not changed much. Looking toward the year 2020, many global marketing leaders are asking themselves how to ready their marketing organization to drive growth in a rapidly changing environment.

This Harvard Business Review cover story written by Kantar Vermeer Board members Marc de Swaan Arons and Frank van den Driest sets out how marketing strategy, structure and capability can be aligned to drive business growth. The article addresses key questions like:

  • What is the role brands and marketing should play?
  • How should the marketing department be structured?
  • How to build capabilities and equip marketers for success?
  • What are winning CMO leadership skills, competencies and behaviors?

Click here for the PDF of the article.

Key Fact

The Ultimate Marketing Machine was the premier article in a collection entitled The New Basics of Marketing.

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