Organizing for Marketing in a Digital Age

Kantar Vermeer partnered with Google for Organizing for Marketing in a Digital Age – a thought-leadership initiative that codified best practices and practical insights into how winning teams are organizing for the evolving digital landscape. CMO Marc de Swaan Arons presented the findings to +500 senior level marketers at the Google ThinkBrand conference this October.

In today’s digital world, what marketers do has changed almost beyond recognition; the tactics used to drive brand awareness, interest and loyalty are completely different from the marketing mix of just a few years ago.

But interestingly, how the marketing function is organized has not changed much since the discipline of brand management was first developed over fifty years ago. Looking forward to the year 2020, many global business leaders are asking themselves how to best prepare their organizations to effectively connect and interact withcustomers and consumers to drive business growth.


Google ThinkBrand