In the integrated and personalized global marketing era, we learned from our Marketing2020 global study that building capability and equipping teams for growth is the single biggest growth driver, with high correlation to revenue growth, brand health and MROI.

Our Excellence Practice identifies what your marketing function is amazing at and where there is opportunity to grow. In so doing, we work together to codify and embed your “way of marketing” to create a shared identity and hardwire differentiation.

We design a total learning experience that is practical and accessible at different touchpoints, whether working on actual business tasks or providing learning in moment of need, all of which are critical building blocks for today’s millennial workforce. Our capability solutions are tailored to each organization’s needs and biorhythms, creating impact and sustainability throughout the learning journey.

Case Study: Hershey

In a highly competitive brand space, Hershey’s approached Kantar Vermeer to help rethink its approach to building brands. The client’s concerns were especially pointed towards increasing the technical acumen of internal marketing efforts, deemed inadequate in comparison to top programs.

The Kantar Vermeer team identified and defined the marketing excellence capabilities required to deliver the Hershey’s business strategy, specifically those areas that might represent a competitive marketing advantage for the organization. Further, a Marketing Learning Agenda was developed, repurposing existing capabilities and resources to optimize key capabilities and frameworks.

Our efforts established a common language and process for how to do marketing at Hershey’s. A streamlined, impactful learning agenda for all marketers was married with a revived marketing academy to ensure thorough integration of the new marketing model.


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