Our Perspective

By impacting the lives of New Yorkers in a tangible and meaningful way, Citibank’s approach to branding has engaged and energized consumers beyond the abilities of more traditional promotions and sponsorships. Today’s consumers are numb, having developed a tolerance to traditional marketing tactics— fast-forwarding DVRs through commercials, mindlessly walking past billboards, and blocking online ads. To meet this challenge, brands must move beyond getting logos and messages in front of eyeballs. It is about understanding and addressing consumers who are asking, “I know what your brand does. Really, though, what can you do for me?”

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Key Fact

In our research, one consumer, who has ridden more than 100 times, told us, “I have never paid much attention to Citibank’s advertising and a commercial certainly would not make me change my bank. But now I would definitely look at them as a possibility in order to support them for what they have done to change my life.”