Case Studies

Kantar Vermeer is the only global marketing consultancy focused on unleashing purpose-led growth through the development and embedding of consumer insight-led marketing strategy, structure and capability.

We provide solutions to strategic marketing challenges, rooting our approach in consumer research, stakeholder understanding and financial analysis. We tie insights to dollars, the only universally accepted language of business. Our whole-brain thinking brings an intrinsically multi-lens and practical approach to all our work.

Beyond our cutting-edge client work, we are proud of the thought leadership we deliver to change the conversation in business: Our Marketing2020 study is the most global and comprehensive CMO research program in the market Our annual global BrandZ™ brand valuation ranking is the market benchmark for determining the most valuable brands in the world.



The focus of this month’s Leading Global Brands Bulletin is on how the Dove Global Brand Team was able to overcome organizational challenges, launch a winning new global marketing campaign around the world, and partner with the U.S. Dove team.



The traditional organizational model is being stressed and stretched like never before. With global markets in turmoil, companies are under immense pressure just to meet revenue targets, and being forced to re-examine the way they allocate marketing resources for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. The regional marketing role, in particular, seems to be going under the hammer. In the light of the economic crisis, is it going away for good?


GSK Consumer Healthcare

The focus of this month’s Leading Global Brands Bulletin is on how GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), a leading pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare company, evolved its Consumer Healthcare marketing organization from an autonomous and decentralized one to a highly globalized organization where the ‘Future Group’ focuses on global brand innovation and brand equity working side-by-side with country marketing organizations that own full responsibility for local deployment.


The Global Brand CEO

Despite intensifying local and global competition, Starbucks, Dove and many other leading global brands have seen sales grow steadily as a result of their ability to create one global voice and make that voice relevant to the local consumer.


Unleashing OMO’s Global Marketing Potential

Almost three years ago, the OMO Global Brand Team set off on a journey to accelerate the growth of Unilever’s biggest fabric-cleaning brand into a single consolidated global umbrella philosophy, Dirt is Good (DIG).



The focus of this Leading Global Brands Bulletin is on how the world’s most popular coffee brand stays connected to local marketing needs and leverages expertise across the globe in a way that builds local marketing capability and fuels the organization’s international growth.